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Just Some (.)(.) Jokes, to make your day!

Q: What is the origin of the word "Boob"?
A: The "B" is the aerial view, the "oo" is the front view, the "b" is the side view.

Q: What do toys and boobs have in common?
A: They were both originally made for kids, but dad ends up playing with them!

Q: What did saggy boob say to the other saggy boob?
A: "If we don't get some support here people are going to think were nuts."

Q: What kind of bees produce milk?
A: Boobies!

Q: What do you call a woman who adds a third boob?
A: A chestnut.

Q: Why did God give women breasts?
A: So men would take to them!

Q: What did the ghost say to the hornets?
A: BOO bees.

Q: What do you call the space in between Pamela Anderson's breasts?
A: Silicon Valley.

Q: What do you call a nanny with a breast implants?
A: A Faux pair.

Q: Why are redheads flat chested?
A: It makes it easier to read their T- shirts

Q: What do you call identical boobs?
A: Identitties.

Q: What do you call a redhead with large breasts?
A: A mutant.

Q: How are a blonde's breasts and a pad alike?
A: Neither are recommended for the beach and both come in different absorbency levels.

Q: What does a 75 year old woman have between her breasts that a 25 year old doesn't?
A: Her navel.

Q: What did one boob say to the other boob?
A: You're my breast friend.

Q: Why was the mermaid wearing sea shells?
A: Her boobs were too big for B shells.

Q: Why did God give women boobs and nipples?
A: To make suckers out of men!

Q: What do you call that patch of hair between an old ladys tits?
A: Her snatch.

Q: What does Kentucky Fried Chicken and a woman have in common?
A: If you take away the legs and the breast you're left with a smelly greasy box?

Q: Why did the Blonde have square boobs?
A: She forgot to take the tissues out of the box.

Q: Whats big black, inside of a women, and is usually near their boobs?
A: Tumors

Q: What do you call a girl without boobs?
A: Justin Bieber

Q: Why is a push up bra like a bag of chips?
A: You open it and its half empty

Q: When is the last time most overweight men have touched a breast?
A: In a KFC bucket.

Q: What happens when you push two giant boobs together?
A: You create an asteroid.


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